Your HOA at Work

Clubhouse Maintenance: Flooring and Interior Paint

We recently caught up with LARMAC's operations and maintenance team at Oak Knoll Village Clubhouse during a planned maintenance and reserve project where they were replacing the flooring and painting the interior of the clubhouses.

LARMAC staff has been making use of the time that the clubhouse facilities are closed in order to complete reserve and maintenance projects.

Over the past few weeks staff has been busy replacing the wood flooring at each of the clubhouses at Oak Knoll, Covenant Hills, Flintridge and Avendale. Each of the great rooms are receiving new floors while each have received a fresh coat of paint on the interior walls. Several locations will receive new carpet in smaller meeting areas. 

Each of the clubhouse great rooms will receive different styles of flooring that will be cohesive with the design of each clubhouse.

LARMAC looks forward to reopening the facilities (hopefully) in the not too distant future.