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Covenant Hills Tennis Court Refurbishment Project

All four (4) tennis courts at the Covenant Hills Village Clubhouse will be refurbished. This reserve project occurs about every 5 years. Over a period of weeks, two courts at a time will be resurfaced. The courts will receive a multi-layer paint system that seals the voids in the asphalt, creates surface texture, and protects the surface from further damage. The coating system enhances overall playability and will give the surface a vibrant new color scheme. Just recently, the light poles received a fresh coat of paint. During the maintenance closure, all windscreens will be replaced as well, which will give the courts a fresh new look upon reopening.

On January 13, the resurfacing of courts 1 and 2 and the installation of new windscreens were completed. Beginning, January 24 courts 3 and 4 will be resurfaced and new windscreens installed. Courts 3 and 4 are expected to reopen on Tuesday, February 1. 

The windscreen will be installed on Thursday, February 10 therefore the courts will be closed that day.