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Four Pools Temporarily Close for Renovation

LARMAC continues the pool renovation project with Boreal Plunge, Celestial Plunge, Cherry Plunge and the Flintridge Clubhouse Pool & Spa.

LARMAC is in the final stages of its pool renovation project which includes Boreal, Celestial, Cherry plunges and the Flintridge Clubhouse Pool & Spa. The project involved draining the pools, demolition of the existing plaster, replacement of hand rails, new LED lighting, replacement of skimmers, new tile and the addition of new plaster containing a pebble aggregate. This process also requires county permitting throughout the project and compliance with new county codes that were not in place when the pools were originally constructed. 
Plastering of the pools began on Saturday, May 15 and will continue into the week of May 17. There will be a 5-10 day start up process followed by a final inspection. Once the final inspection takes place, the pools will reopen - just in time for the summer swim season. 
To view the status of LARMAC-owned and maintained pools, please visit the amenity status page on