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Update on Pool Renovation Project: Avendale (5/15/2020)

Get a glimpse behind the scenes of the work that is being done at the Avendale Clubhouse pool with a brief tour from LARMAC's director of operations who oversees Ladera Ranch's projects.

You've heard some noise and seen the dust, but what's happening at the Avendale Village Clubhouse pool? Here we give you a two-minute behind the scenes look at the work being done as part of the Pool Resurfacing and Equipment Replacement project at the Avendale Clubhouse pool.

The pumps, piping and filters were recently delivered to LARMAC so the next phase of the project may commence. Once the equipment has been installed, the plastering crew can start applying the pebble aggregate plaster in the large pool and the wader (pool).

One of the questions we have received a few times is, "What are the wires that are seen along the edges, going into the pool? Michael Healy, Director of Operations for Ladera Ranch (LARMAC) says, "the wires are attached to the new LED lights that are being installed."

In the video above, Healy shows the pump, filters and piping that will be installed in the weeks ahead. He explains that LARMAC decided to go with standardized equipment so that the parts are more readily available with the goal of keeping pools and plunges up and running, and operating efficiently. 

Additionally, the outdoor shower tile will be replaced along with the hardware.

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