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Replacing the Parkway Trees Along Flintridge Avenue

LARMAC proactively addresses struggling White Alder trees along Flintridge Avenue.

The current project taking place on Flintridge Avenue is the removal of White Alder, Alnus rhombifolia, tree(s) in the parkway area. Over the past several years, these trees have been dying off and removed one by one. This tree species is an extremely fast growing and therefore not long lived in most urban environments. They begin to become affected by a common soil borne pathogen known as Phytophthora root rot. In addition, they can become infected with a wood decay fungi, Armillaria. Neither of these diseases are treatable and tend to victimize fast growing trees, since they feed off of the wood tissue. These trees were originally planted in Ladera Ranch along Sienna Parkway and Flintridge Ave, by the developer since they were fast growing and would create that desirable street tree lined affect quickly. Most all of the White Alders along Sienna Parkway have been removed and replaced. 

At this point, rather than keep removing trees one at a time as they decay and die, this project is pro-actively moving forward to efficiently and safely get a new tree species growing and ensure a street tree theme along Flintridge Avenue. 

The Elm Tree, Ulmus parvifolia, has been selected as the replacement tree. 

Project Timeline and Update:

All of the trees have been removed and stumps have been ground. New turf/sod will be installed in the gaps. New trees are currently being selected and procured. Tree placement will be marked and new trees will be installed over the next 30 – 45 days. Anticipated project completion is mid-August.