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Center Median Refurbishment Project

The center median refurbishment master-plan project was initiated four years ago in the oldest part of the community – Oak Knoll Village with the focus of removing diseased trees, upgrading the irrigation systems. Improving visibility to create safer pedestrian use at intersections and roundabouts.

The center median refurbishment project was initiated in the oldest part of the community – Oak Knoll Village. The focus of the project was to remove diseased and dying trees in conjunction with upgrading sprinkler systems. The project encompassed center medians on Benjamin, Sienna Parkway and O’Neil Drive.

The project continued south down Sienna Parkway and O’Neill Drive, the “backbones” of the community. These main thorough fares connect residents to neighborhoods, parks and schools – not only for vehicular traffic but for bike riders and pedestrian use, along sidewalks and adjacent trails.

During the project, diseased London Plane trees (platanus / acerifolia) were removed. This tree species routinely suffers from anthracnose and powdery mildew fungus diseases and in recent years has been very susceptible to the Euwallacea species of beetle which carries a deadly fusarium disease. This beetle is commonly known as the polyphagus shot hole borer, which carries a deadly fusarium disease. Once a tree becomes infested, there is no known treatment and the tree will eventually die. This past year Mosaic Consulting in partnership with LARMAC completed a major section along Sienna Parkway and O’Neill Parkway. 

LARMAC and Mosaic meet to evaluate all aspects of landscape projects including:

  • Trees, which create our Urban Forest
  • Water use – which includes the types of plant materials as well as the irrigation control systems and irrigation distribution systems (sprinklers)
  • Shrubs and groundcover plants
  • Soils and mulch
  • Rodent harborage
  • Functionality of the landscape, relating to community use – vehicular use combined with pedestrian use
  • “Line of Sight” to ensure proper visibility of cars and people at critical intersections and path of travel

This past year we completed a major section along Sienna Parkway and our goal for this budget year is to complete O’Neil Parkway. In summary the focus is:

  • Replacing diseased trees with a new tree species
  • Upgrading the technology used in the irrigation distribution system
  • Removing old / overgrown plants that are excessively harboring rodents
  • Use new plant materials that are more adapted for our soils and water quality
  • Enhancing the functionality of the landscape space
  • Creating safer pedestrian use, by increasing visibility primarily at intersections / roundabouts.