COVID-19 (Coronavirus) FAQs

Q1: How has Ladera Ranch responded to the COVID-19 pandemic?

A1: Ladera Ranch Community Services (LARCS) and Ladera Ranch Maintenance Corporation (LARMAC) Board of Directors are closely monitoring information and recommendations from state and county health officials. Beggining in mid-March, actions were taken by both organizations to comply with state and county orders including the postponement of events, cancellation of programs and closure of facilities. 

Q2: What facilities are currently open or closed? 

A2:List of facilities that are currently open or closed below (updated May 26, 2020)

CURRENTLY OPEN (with social distancing, individual/family use only):

  • Parks (open grass spaces, pocket parks)
  • Wagsdale Dog Park
  • Sports Courts (tennis, pickleball, volleyball, basketball)
  • Skate Park
  • Sports Fields (no games/team/league use)
  • Park restrooms


  • Pools and spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Clubhouses
  • LARCS/LARMAC Offices (closed to in person visitors)
  • Park and pool picnic shelter areas

Q3: With staff offices closed, how do I contact someone for assistance?

A3: While in person resident access to the LARCS and LARMAC offices have been temporarily closed, staff members remain readily available to serve residents for all business needs by email or phone.


Phone: (949) 218-0900

Q4: Why are some LARMAC facilities and amenities closed?

A4: Facilites are closed to remain in compliance with Governor Newsom’s Stay at Home order, which prohibits gatherings outside of household members. Community facilities, such as playgrounds, clubhouses and pools are facilities that encourage public gatherings and/or involve high contact with surfaces. The State of California has issued guidance on the phased opening of these types of facilities, in which the LARMAC Board has followed to determine which facilities are open and which remain closed. 

Q5: Since facilities are closed does that mean that LARMAC assessments (monthly HOA payments) will be reduced or refunded?

A5: Although facilities are temporarily closed to resident access, the facilities continue to receive regularly scheduled maintenance and service. Please visit the Assessment Rate Change FAQ for more details. 

Q6: LARMAC has reopened some facilities that were closed, when will other facilities be open? 

A6: The LARMAC Board of Directors and community management team continue to closely monitor updated information, guidance and modifications of the state and county health orders to determine when the remaining facilities will be allowed to reopen and any restrictions or modifications needed to do so. The LARMAC Board has set weekly meetings in executive session to review the updates to this information and will make timely decisions to reopen all facilities as soon as it is possible to do so. 

Q7: With LARMAC parks and fields open, what kind of activities are permitted?

A7: In addition to normal park rules, please follow the following guidelines specific to use of the park during the COVID-19 crisis, including maintaining recommended social distancing.

Examples of activities that are permitted: 

  • Use by individuals or families of the same household in fields, open grass areas and walkways.

  • Walking, running or riding along pathways and in open spaces.

The following activities are not permitted (until further notice)

  • Group gatherings outside of those from the same household

  • Team sports training, practice or games

  • Use of playground structures, swings, slides and climbing walls

  • Use of park picnic areas

Q8: Are there any special rules in place for the use of sports courts or the skate park? 

A8: Yes, see the following rule modifications for the sports courts and skate park facilities


  • Tennis - follow USTA recommended practices for players
  • Singles and same household use only
  • Residents only, with access card required at all times. No guests.
  • 1 on 1 tennis instruction (with social distancing) from approved tennis instructors only


  • Reduced occupancy limit (currently: 20)
  • Active use only, users must exit park to sit or rest
  • 30 minute time limit while others are waiting to enter
  • Resident skate park access card required, no guests
  • Modified operating hours (currently 10am - 8pm)

Q9: Why are Ladera Ranch management and service vendors (landscape, security patrol, etc.) continuing to work in the community following the Stay Home order?

A9: The Governor’s Stay Home order exempts “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers”. Many of the service providers who work in Ladera Ranch are included on the list of these exempt businesses, as they provide services that protect the community and contribute to public health and safety of residents. 

Q10: If I reserved a clubhouse or park area, is my reservation cancelled?

A10: All facility reservations have been cancelled through May. If you had a reservation during this time, you will be contacted and receive a full refund for any reservation fees. If you have a reservation after June 1 and would like to cancel please contact LARMAC by email or phone to request a full refund. The date of facility closures and reservation cancellations may change based on the recommendations from county and state health officials. For the latest updates, visit the COVID-19 page on

Q11: Are upcoming community special events cancelled? Until when?

A11: The LARCS Board of Directors is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation, and to comply with Governor Newsom’s order, the Paws in the Park event on June 6 has been cancelled. 

LARCS is in the process of reviewing upcoming community events to determine what adjustments must be made to comply with state and local health agency requirements. LARCS’ top priority is the safety of its residents. All event updates and announcements will be communicated through  

Q12: Are LARCS and LARMAC still conducting Board and Committee Meetings? 

A12: Yes, business operations continue, though changes have been implemented.  Meetings are currently being conducted via telephone or video conferencing. This allows LARCS and LARMAC to conduct essential business while complying with the Stay at Home order. Information about LARMAC open session Board of Directors meeting, including instructions on how to attend and how to submit a speaker card, will be posted on at least 4 days in advance of the meeting. 

Q13: Where do I go to get more information and updates about Coronavirus in Ladera Ranch?

A13: Residents are encouraged to visit for all community updates.