Keep Ladera's Skate Park Open - Modified Hours and Rules for COVID-19 Safety

The LARMAC Board of Directors requests the assistance of all residents in following these important temporary safety guidelines when using the Terrarmor Skate Park: 

  • Face masks covering the mouth and nose are required to be worn at all times
  • Maintain physical distance of at least 6 feet from others
  • No food or drink allowed inside the park

In addition, the following modifications to the facility hours and capacity are in effect: 

  • Skate park is open for day time use only: 9:00 AM to Dusk
  • Capacity is limited to 30 users

These temporary measures are in compliance with California Department of Public Health (CDPH) guidelines and the Regional Stay Home order issued by the State of California. The LARMAC Board of Directors understands the importance of resident access to outdoor recreation facilities like the skate park, and has implemented these safety measures in an effort to allow for the park to continue to be open while following government orders, reducing liability risk to the association, and prioritizing the health and safety of all residents.

Terramor Skate Park - Temporary Safety Guidelines FAQ: 

  1. Why is wearing a mask required? 
    CDPH guidance for playgrounds and other recreation facilities require the use of masks. The State of California has specifically listed skate parks as one such facility where this guidance applies. 
  2. Why is no food or drink allowed in the park? Can we still bring water?
    CDPH guidance also prohibits the consumption of food or drink within recreation facilities, in order to maintain mask use. All food and drink, including water, must be kept outside of the skate park, and users must exit the park to eat or drink. 
  3. Why have the skate park hours changed?
    Operating hours have been temporarily changed in order to best implement these safety measures, including the required use of masks. The modified operating hours allow for additional staff resources to be present during all skate park operating hours to ensure that all users are following the required safety guidelines. 
  4. What happens if the skate park reaches the capacity limit? 
    If capacity limit is reached, and others are waiting to enter, the skate park attendants will notify users in the park that they will be required to exit after 30 minutes to allow for new users to enter. 
  5. How long will these guidelines be in place? When will the skate park go back to normal rules and hours?
    These guidelines will remain in place until further notice, based on further updated information from CDPH and the State of California. The LARMAC Board meets weekly to review and discuss the latest information available and will make modifications to any temporary guidelines in place for the skate park or other LARMAC facilities as needed. 


COVID-19 Industry Guidance: Outdoor Recreation 

CDPH Outdoor Playgrounds and other Recreational Facilities 

State of California - Blueprint for a Safer Economy (See tab for Skateparks, Outdoor Recreation)