Pest Management Information

The landscape of Ladera Ranch is manufactured and designed to be maintained through the use of commercial landscape maintenance standards, including the use of various pest and weed control products. These products are government agency tested and approved and applied by trained and licensed professionals, with oversight from the County and State levels.

2017 – LARMAC began to explore alternative pest management options, including:

  • Testing plots of different products – both organic and synthetic.
  • Meeting with experts in various fields, including landscape, pest management and organic products.
  • Meeting with and learning from other communities who are trying alternative pest management programs.

The results of this exploration into alternative pest management strategies has been very informative and the LARMAC Board has spent significant time reviewing and considering this information.

The biggest takeaway from this research has been that any implementation of an alternative pest management plan, whether it be organic or labor based, will require long term vision and planning.

While considering these long term plans, LARMAC continues to engage with experts and consultants on this topic, staying current with new products and technology developments.

What is LARMAC doing today?

In early 2019 a group of residents contacted LARMAC Management and the Board with concerns regarding the use of synthetic pesticide products. Many of these residents attended the May 2019 Board of Directors meeting to voice those concerns in person.

Since that time, LARMAC has implemented a number of changes to communication, education, and landscape practices to help address these concerns.


  • Improved notification posting – all pesticide use notices now posted online (see below).
  • Dedicated landscape and pest management information page on
  • In person meetings with resident representatives from Non-Toxic Ladera Ranch and other resident advocates to further dialogue and share information regarding pest management.

Landscape Practices

  • No pesticide use on Ladera Ranch School sites, including the adjacent LARMAC Park property. All weed control is done by hand labor only.
  • Increased budget for mulch in landscaped areas, which both reduces water needs and is effective in preventing weeds from growing.
  • Improved consistent signage for applications in progress. Although not required by any regulations, staked signs noting the product being used will be placed and visible in areas where pedestrians may be present. 

Pesticide notifications for the month of September are listed below:

O'Connell Landscape

Animal Pest Management