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Looking Ahead to Better Days

Looking Ahead to Better Days (Civic Council prepares for coming year) by Joe Brenneman, Chair Ladera Ranch Civic Council

The Civic Council is looking ahead to better days in Ladera and preparing plans to focus and lead in key areas of concern in the coming year. A recent study by the Council provided direction and feedback on issues that are top of mind with residents.

Economic development heads the list of concerns as residents are frustrated with the lack of options in our shopping centers and the number of store vacancies throughout Ladera. Residents made clear that would love to see more restaurant choices to choose from in our neighborhood.  Moving down the list of topics related to Civic Council jurisdiction, residents provided feedback about the need to focus on traffic and public safety. Residents expressed their concerns about increased traffic, speeding, vandalism, theft and motorized bikes on sidewalks among others items.

These are a just a few of the priorities the Council will be working on as we move into the new year and beyond. And there will be new members of the Council tackling these issues.

After our recent annual election, four Council seats were filled. Three of the seats were filled by new members fo the council.

Winners of Council seats in the election were: Ed Gow, J Ocana, Matthew Bottomly and Adam Henningsen. The Council also elected Officer roles for the next term. Here are the results:

  • Chair:         Joe Brenneman
  • Vice-Chair: Ed Gow
  • Treasurer:   J Ocana
  • Secretary:   Matthew Bottomly  

The Council is actively pursuing solutions that work for Ladera in the issues mentioned above as well as many others. This work gets done primarily through our committees. And we could use your support. Even a couple hours a week or month would go a long way to paving the way to better days for Ladera.

For more information about our committees, or anything related to the Council, please reach out to me at

What are your thoughts? I welcome your feedback. We are in this together!

Photo (below) from top-left to bottom-right
  • Rosemary Scott
  • Joe Brenneman, Chair
  • Justin Finch
  • Ed Gow, Vice-Chair
  • Matt Bottomly, Secretary
  • Adam Henningsen
  • J. Ocana, Treasurer