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New Tech Resource for Ladera

There is a new resource Facebook Group for Ladera Ranch residents to find help and information regarding technology such as working from home, connectivity, Cox internet, wi-fi, tech jobs, etc. The Facebook group is called Ladera Ranch Tech Support.

There is a new resource Facebook Group for Ladera Ranch residents to find help and information regarding technology such as working from home, connectivity, Cox internet, wi-fi, tech jobs, etc. The Facebook group is called Ladera Ranch Tech Support (
Robert Lozano, a Ladera resident, who is a tech industry leader started the group as a way to help Ladera Ranch residents who are working from home and/or who are looking for answers related to technology, interested in networking and helping their neighbors solve technology challenges. 
Roots and Wings Online recently caught up with Lozano to ask him about his new group. 

What is the purpose of Ladera Ranch Tech Support (Facebook group)?
Our community has a wealth of knowledge that should be shared among our friends and neighbors. The Ladera Ranch Tech Support group is a community driven "tech talk" environment to get free advice, tech support, tech news and tips & tricks for all your technical needs at home or business. Mentoring, sharing technical job postings and career growth opportunities are also encouraged. Volunteerism plays a big part in this group.
The goal is to share helpful information as a free advisory service, however, if a more complex problem needs to be solved, you have the option get honest and ethical technical consulting services here. It's a place to connect with Ladera Ranch residents to help each other while having some fun.
Why did you start the Group?
To help people with technical issues all the time. I have a network of friends, co-workers and recruiters in the tech industry that do the same. Ladera Ranch is a tightly-knit community that turns to Facebook Groups for answers, recommendations and information sharing. 
I thought it would be a great idea to create a Facebook Group specific to technical issues, especially with the recent work-from-home culture shift and all questions around Cox Communications. As the Chair for the Technology Advisory Committee for Ladera Ranch Community Services (LARCS) I help to create awareness among our residents of, Ladera's official website. answers a lot of residents' frequently asked questions that are commonly asked on Facebook. In addition, we can learn a lot about our community's technical needs which can be useful in making decisions around overall improvements to our community in the future. 
How does Ladera Ranch Tech Support benefit residents?
Residents have already begun to see benefits. Users post technical support questions and receive solutions other residents. Group members have received assistance with certain technologies, for example, help with iMovie, Anti-Virus software, and modem/router combinations for optimized Cox Internet speeds. Other posts consist of Internet security warnings, such as vulnerable software and recent COVID-19 scams. Cox outage details have been posted, along with latest iPhone releases, information about kid-friendly websites, and a few fun tech posts to break up any monotony. Members have learned where to request proper documentation on for expense reimbursement for their home internet service costs through their employers. 
All group members benefit from this community-driven service simply by sharing knowledge and information on a platform that is already very familiar and adopted in everyday life. Some members just like to read posts and learn something new – it's valuable.
Who can join the group?  
Ladera Ranch residents are free to join and use the group and participate or contribute. Group Admins and Moderators can accept or deny the membership requests. Members of other known Facebook pages in Ladera Ranch are automatically accepted. These groups include Ladera Ranch DadsLadera Ranch Neighbors, Official Ladera Ranch Moms, and Ladera Ranch Professional Network
What is your goal for the group?
The main goal is to connect with our residents and provide technical assistance where needed simply for the sake of being a good neighbor in our community. It's a place for information sharing. Any member can ask questions in any area of technology and have your question answered by your trusted residents who are looking out for one another. 
We have a wealth of knowledge and are a community of subject matter experts that can help non-technical members with just about anything. I would love to see this group grow significantly over the next few months. The more members join, the more knowledge is shared, the more valuable the group becomes. I want the Group members to accommodate one another as best as possible on a volunteer basis, which is the focus of the group, as well as in the community.  

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