Composting Workshop

Composting is nature’s way of recycling food and yard waste into a valuable and organic fertilizer for your garden. Nearly 20% of our waste that ends up in landfills could be composted. Adding compost to your soil reduces watering needs, adds nutrients to the soil, eliminates the need for chemical fertilizers, and keeps these harsh substances out of our storm drains and waterways. Best of all it's free - made from your trash! 

Composting uses a simple recipe:

1. Organic material:  Greens (food scraps, yard trimmings, grass) and Browns (dry leaves, sawdust, straw, wood ashes, newspaper)

2. Water:  Add water occasionally to moisten the pile

3. Air:  Mix the pile every two weeks to add air to the pile

To learn simple composting techniques, join us for a free composting class sponsored by Waste Management.

Registartion is required

For more information, email Ladera Ranch Community Services (LARCS) at or call 949-388-8300.