Teens in Ladera

Thoughts On Online Learning

By Naomi Nguyen

Recently, a deadly pandemic has taken over the world in heartbreaking ways. Many lives have been lost, people are out of work, and schools have shut down. As a result, this virus has shifted students to online learning. A number of students have taken a while to adjust to their new schedules. Some advantages to this new format are that students are able to have more family time, less stress in some cases, self reflection, and more exercise. Less interaction with people, more space to procrastinate on assignments, learning a lesson through a screen, getting help with questions virtually, are some disadvantages to online learning.

When asked how transitioning to online learning has been, Eric Xie, an eighth grader, at Ladera Ranch Middle School says, “ Transfering to online school started out rough, but now I’m used to it. I am now able to get more sleep.” Multiple students have felt that this new setup has brought up a new opportunity to feel more relaxed and stress free. However, eighth grader, Michael Ivory says, “Transitioning to online learning has been a very interesting and difficult process. I find it especially challenging to have the strength to focus when I am enticed by electronics all around me... because it is very easy to skip over assignments.”

During this time of isolation, people have found ways to reconnect with each other. Families are spending more time together playing games, talking, and exercising. While interviewing Michael Ivory, I asked him what interactions he missed most, his response was, “I miss interactions with my friends. Although we can text and communicate online, it is very different than in person; sending texts feels forced and unnatural, and it does not give off the same effects.” Seventh grader Kylie Chi says she misses all her friends, her extracurricular sport - ice skating, and interacting with people in general.

I gathered some honest opinions from a few students from Ladera Ranch Middle School. I interviewed them on their perspective on virtual learning and I conducted a poll to see who prefers online learning or school in person. After reviewing the results of the students who prefer online learning or school in person, out of 100 students, 73% choose school in person, while 27% select virtual learning. Based on this evidence, the majority of students prefer attending school in person. Because of this new format of learning, some agree with Michael when he says,“I feel less motivated because there are very few consequences of not completing work. The worst punishment is a missing assignment or a change in my grade.” Eric's reasoning for choosing virtual learning is that, “Online learning is more flexible, I have more time to do work, and I am able to explore more interests that I was not able to before.” In my personal opinion, I agree with everyone who chose school over online learning. People need to socialize, ask questions, get to know everyone, and have fun.