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TLC Presents Random Acts of Kindness Month

TLC Plans on Making ‘kindness’ a Theme in 2022

This month, the Teen Leadership Council is bringing back Random Acts of Kindness. Last year, the participation was incredible with so many different acts that impacted many lives. As 2022 starts, it is important to notice that many teens still struggle with mental health and staying positive, especially with the recent changes to everyone’s lifestyle. These acts of kindness not only make the person doing them feel amazing but the person on the receiving end as well. TLC is asking teens in the community to perform random acts of kindness this month and to take pictures of them doing so. These acts will be posted on the TLC Instagram page @laderaranchtlc to promote kindness and to encourage others to participate. During these times, a little bit of extra kindness goes a long way! 

To participate, all that you have to do is perform a random act of kindness, take a picture and email contact.larcs@laderalife.com with the subject line “Acts of Kindness.” In your email, be sure to write a brief description including who was involved, what took place, where it took place, and when it took place! Spreading kindness in the community is a valuable act, and last February Ladera Ranch was shining with positivity and graciousness. The Teen Leadership Council hopes to achieve that again. Everyone’s participation makes a positive difference.

"A Single Act of Kindness Throws Out Roots in all Directions, and the Roots Spring Up and Make New Trees." Amelia Earhart  

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