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Top 10 Teen Summer Activities for Teens

Top 10 Teen Summer Activities for Teens

By Suhina Sharma and Sandhya Ganesan

A summer break for a teen is amazing! After a long stressful school year teens deserve time to take a break and enjoy their friends and family. Need some ideas on how to spend your summer? Here are some fun local activities that you can do this summer!

1) Sunset Hikes
Ladera Ranch has trails that are often quiet and peaceful. Be spontaneous - grab a few friends and hike to a point to watch the sunset. This is a perfect way to exercise and encapsulates the essence of a teenage summer!

2) Teen Jobs
A teenage lifestyle does not come cheap, and often times, going to one’s parents for money is not going to cut it. Getting a summer job is a perfect way to make some extra money without adding much weight to your workload. While it may be work in the summer, having your own cash is definitely worth it.

3) Fourth of July
The Fourth of July Teen Zone at the Founder's Park is a perfect way to reconnect with friends and have fun. Ladera’s Teen Leadership Council has always made the teen zone a spectacular experience, and this year will be no exception.

4) Pool Time
Ladera Ranch has a variety of community pools where teenagers can spend time with friends. It is a perfect way to have some fun while staying cool in the California sun!

5) Beaches
Ladera is in a prime location for spontaneous beach trips! Teenagers can pack supplies for the beach and enjoy getting a nice tan with their friends. It’s fun, and it makes for the perfect location for Instagram pictures!

6) The Shops at Mission Viejo
The Mission Viejo Mall is a great place for you to spend time with friends. Hang out and grab a Starbucks at the food court, or go on a shopping spree for summer clothes - and accessories, of course!

7) Volunteer at the Ladera Ranch Library
Volunteering for the Ladera Library Summer Reading Program is an incredibly fun experience! The librarians will definitely appreciate your help and time you put in to make this program a huge success.

8) Summer Teen Workshops
The Summer Teen Workshops hosted by Ladera’s Teen Leadership Council provides a great way to be introduced to important life skills! It’s a great way to stay involved in your community. Check out LaderaLife.com for updates.

9) Summer Tennis Camps
Summer Tennis Camps are a great way to get outdoors with your friends and get some exercise through playing a fun sport! This will definitely keep you happy and healthy during the summer!

10) Watch a Movie
Summer is the perfect time kick back, relax, grab some popcorn, and watch some movies with your friends and family! But remember to step outside and get some exercise, too! : )