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Making a difference during COVID-19

By Aditya Narayanan

Millions of people put their lives at risk every day to help the nation. These people and the jobs they do have been highlighted over the past months. We have seen the ups and downs, where people rejoice when someone is released from intensive care or the videos of healthcare workers having breakdowns about the taxing hours and the emotional, physical, and mental toll such professions take on them. Despite these uncertain times, many have found ways to help their communities and make these times more bearable.

While we are still in the lockdown stage or in a slow recovery phase, the commitment to giving back to family and community has shown that during these times, we can still make a positive impact. Through service at my Lions heart youth group, I have learned how to truly give back in ways that matter, both to me and others. We are always eager to help out and find creative ways to make a true difference by it be hosting a card-making session for healthcare workers, donating and sorting food at the local food banks, or cleaning up our local beaches. Even small acts give me a sense of purpose.

We have already made “positive” cards for those on the frontline. People all over the country, and the world, have come up with fun ideas to give back to their communities, whether it be hosting a movie, donating necessary supplies, sewing masks or creating family activities to keep people busy.

This is also a great time to enjoy the simple joys of home and family such as preparing and relishing meals together or walking a trail in warm sunshine.

Although we need to stay safe and healthy, I urge you all to find a way to help the community. It could be anything, even bringing happiness to someone’s life. Simple acts like these will make this time easier and help all of us get out of this situation better together.