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LARMAC Reopens the Lap Pool at Oak Knoll

Michael Healy, LARMAC Director of Operations announces the reopening of the lap pool at Oak Knoll Village Clubhouse.

LARMAC is happy to announce the reopening of the Oak Knoll lap pool on Saturday, February 8, 2020. Next, LARMAC moves to Avendale Village Clubhouse where the pool will be under renovation starting Monday, February 10 for approximately two (2) months. The renovations include replacing the pool plaster surface with a pebble aggregate material that will extend the life of the pool, new lane lines, water line tiles and handrails.

This renovation work is part of LARMAC's ongoing reserve program that includes the maintenance and repairs of LARMAC-owned amenities. LARMAC-owned amenities include pools, plunges, water park, clubhouses, common areas, playgrounds, parks etc. For more information on current and upcoming projects, visit the Projects and Improvements section of