Field Status & Conditions

Field Status & Conditions

An updated Field Conditions Page for LARMAC and Cox Sports Park Fields will be coming to the website soon.

The "Mudd Line” number is: (949) 582-2414. Please call this number to hear the current fields status of all fields.

Field conditions will be posted no later than 2:00 p.m of each day where inclement weather has occurred, Monday - Friday. Each day's status can change when rain occurs in the afternoon. Weekend conditions will be posted on Friday or Saturday for the next day scheduled use. Early morning updates can happen as needed.

Updated: 06/21/2019 8:08 AM

Cox Sports Park

Field Name Status Notes
Cox Field 1 Open  
Cox Field 2 Open  
Cox Field 3 Open Closure TBD after All-Stars in July. Will reopen in mid-August before soccer season.
Cox Field 4 Open Closure TBD after All-Stars in July. Will reopen before fall ball at end of August.
Soccer A Open  
Soccer B Closed Landscape maintenance project began on May 13 leading to a several month closure. Will reopen before fall soccer season at some point in August.

Community Fields

Field Name Status Notes
Chaparral Park Open Maintenance expected June 19 -July 19.
Chaparral Elementary Closed Closure expected June 19 -July 19.
Founder's Park Open Closure expected July 5 - Aug 1. Will reopen for LARCS Events.
Oso Grande Park (Ball Field) Open Scheduled maintenance will occur after All-Stars. Closure likely July 15 - August 11.
Oso Grande Elementary Closed Closure likely June 19 - August 11.
Wagsdale Open Minimal maintenance as needed.

Field Availability

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Please note that routine maintenance takes place throughout the day which has field use priority. Thanks for your cooperation.

PLEASE CHECK THE MUDD LINE, (949) 582-2414, if rain occurs over the weekend.