Annual Election

LARMAC Board of Director Election

The 2021 LARMAC Board of Directors Election concluded on Wednesday, November 3, 2021 at the Annual Meeting of Neighborhood Representatives which was held at the Oak Knoll Village Clubhouse. 

Election Results

The next LARMAC election is in 2023. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the primary role of a LARMAC Board member?

    • Oversight of LARMAC property, facilities and amenities
    • Negotiating and approval of third party contracts and agreements 
    • Approval of all reserve expenses and capital improvements
    • Approving the annual operating budgets and assessments rates
    • Enforcing the governing documents 
    • Establishing and frequently updating policies, guidelines and operating rules
  • What are the qualifications to serve as a LARMAC Board member?

    Must be an owner of a home, lot or condo within Ladera Ranch and cannot serve simultaneously as a director or officer for a sub-association or Ladera Ranch Community Services (LARCS). For additional details on qualifications and responsibilities of LARMAC Board members, please refer to Article II, Section 2.2 of the LARMAC By-laws

  • What is the time commitment for Board meetings?

    The Board typically conducts six (6) open session meetings per year and approximately 12-18 executive (closed) session meetings per year. Some months include three meetings while other months may only have one meeting. Meetings typically last from one (1) hour up to about three (3) hours.

  • What additional time commitments are there besides attending Board meetings?

    Board members spend time preparing for each meeting. Each meeting has an agenda that is prepared in advance by LARMAC staff. For each agenda item, there is typically backup documentation and/or reports that accompany each agenda item. This information makes up the “Board Packet”, which is typically provided electronically to each Board member five (5) days prior to the meeting. Board members are responsible for reviewing the Board packet and being ready to discuss and vote on the agenda items during the meeting. Additionally, Board members share the responsibility of serving as Board liaisons on LARMAC’s various committees and task forces.

  • Do Board members have the option to attend meetings virtually if traveling?

    Yes, when Board members are traveling, they have the option to attend and participate in meetings via teleconference or videoconference.  

  • How long is the term?

    LARMAC Directors serve three (3) year terms.

  • How many open positions are there for the upcoming election?

    There are three (3) positions available in the upcoming election.

  • Does the developer have the ability to vote – if so, why?

    Yes, as an owner of apartment units and a few remaining custom lots in Ladera Ranch, the developer (DMB Ladera) has voting rights for each unit they own. ING, who also owns apartment units, has votes as well. DMB Ladera owns 378 assessment paying apartment units and ING owns 51 assessment paying units. These owners pay monthly assessments just as homeowners do and with that comes a vote for each assessment unit owned.

  • How does the actual election process work?

    Prior to homeowners having an opportunity to vote for their favorite candidate(s), candidate statements for each candidate are posted on Shortly thereafter, an event called `Meet the Candidates Night’ takes place, all candidates will have an opportunity to introduce themselves and share a little bit about themselves, including why they are interested in serving on the LARMAC Board of Directors. All candidates will then answer questions, both predetermined and those asked by attendees. The electronic balloting process starts immediately following `Meet the Candidates Night’ and is provided to homeowners who submit their vote. On election day, all votes are tallied and certified by the neighborhood representatives. Voting results are then shared on the night of the election with winners being announced at that time. Voting results are then posted on LaderaLife the following day.   

  • If elected, when does the term begin?

    The term begins immediately. Following the election, the Board typically conducts a reorganization meeting to determine Board positions (e.g. President, Treasurer, etc.)


  • How does a newly elected director get up to speed on everything?

    An orientation meeting is scheduled which is designed to give the incoming Board member with training tools, resources and historical information that helps the Board member get started on the right foot. It’s definitely a learning process that often times continues throughout much of the first year on the Board. Staff and fellow Board members are there to assist along the way in hopes of making it a smooth onboarding process.