Community Gardens

Heritage Garden

working hours

Daily: 6:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.

The Heritage Garden is one of two community gardens in Ladera Ranch and is located off McGwire Road in the Oak Knoll Village. The Heritage Garden is our largest garden with over 70 garden plots and 18 raised planter beds.

Amenity Description

Currently there is a waiting list for the Heritage Garden.

Community garden plots and raised planter beds are available to Ladera Ranch residents for a small annual fee. For more information, please contact LARMAC at

  • 70 Garden Plots
  • 18 Raised Planter Beds

    Community Garden User Agreement

    I have read a copy of the Oak Knoll and Terramor Community Garden Rules and Regulations and i understand them, and I agree that if I do not follow any of the guidelines, or if I provide inaccurate or incomplete information on my application, LARMAC reserves the right to immediately forfeit my plot and keep the garden fee.