Program Proposal

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Program general Guidelines

  • A Recreational or Social Program is defined as a "class” or "camp” offered by instructors or organizations for Ladera Ranch residents on a continuous basis that is not affiliated with any structured sports leagues to include but not limited to: AYSO, Little League, Ladera Ranch Youth Soccer Association, and National Junior Basketball.  Program session dates are as follows: Winter Session: December – February, Spring Session: March – May, Summer Session: June – August, and Fall Session: September - November
  • All programs must be held on LARMAC owned property.
  • Program Applications with not be accepted for programs that are not Recreational or Educational in nature and/or solicits personal services or items to participants.
  • Indoor facility use on weekends is limited to Avendale Clubhouse with a maximum of (2) hours of program time.
  • All programs must be unique to Ladera Ranch and not currently offered.
  • Only residents of the Ladera Ranch community may participate in the program.
  • The instructor may permit a Ladera Ranch resident participant to "sponsor/bring” a non Ladera Ranch resident to attend the program with the resident.  The non-resident must pay all applicable fees and follow all LARMAC and LARCS Guidelines.  
  • All program participant registration forms and program fees are to be collected by the instructor.
Programs will be required to pay a quarterly LARCS Administrative Fee as well as an hourly LARMAC Facilitiy Fee.
  • The minimum and maximum number of participants will be determined by the LARCS Programs Manager and Program Instructor.  When a Program does not meet the minimum enrollment the program may be cancelled for that session 
  • Instructor shall provide LARCS with a roster of Program participants per session.
  • Programs are required each session to have participants (or participant's parent or legal guardian, if participant is under 18 years of age) sign a LARCS waiver and release form.
  • Programs shall obtain and continuously maintain in full force and effect, Ladera Ranch Programs Insurance Requirements (may be obtained from the LARCS Programs Manager)
  • All promotions (mailers, advertisements, messaging on LaderaLife, posters) must be directed only to Ladera Ranch residents.
  • All promotional materials must first have LARCS written approval prior to display or distribution unless directed to do so.
  • The Ladera Ranch, LARCS or LARMAC branded name and logo may not be used on promotional materials.
  • All costs involved in the hosting and promotion of any program, including facility requirements (including but not limited to: flyers, furnishings, technology/PA systems, generators) are the Program’s responsibility to bear.
  • Program shall comply and ensure compliance by its employees’, agents’, volunteers’, and Class spectators’ and participants’, with LARMAC’s Rules and Regulations ("Rules”), a copy of which are on file with and may be obtained from LARCS Programs Manager
  • If your program is an annual reoccurring program, you will be required to submit your program schedule quarterly for renewal. 
  • LARCS written approval is required for all applications. Applications should be submitted a minimum of (4) months in advance of the program for consideration by the LARCS Board of Directors.
  • Instructors/Volunteers shall provide a copy of United States Department of Justice Live Scan (fingerprinting); to include a background check. If one cannot provide Live Scan documentation then they must go through the First Service Residential Background Check process before the start of the program.  It is the responsibility of the Instructor to cover any costs associated with the background check process by providing payment to LARCS when the background check is started.