LARMAC Teaching Professional Instructor Program
Ladera Ranch has implemented a teaching professional instructor program to ensure that all instructors using LARMAC courts or pools are properly insured. Any instructor can apply following the details outlined in the LARMAC Teaching Professional Instructor packet. Each approved instructor will be given an Instructor ID card to help residents easily identify all approved instructors. Any unapproved instructor will be asked to cease instruction until they become approved. All residents and instructors must still abide by the LARMAC community guidelines, which will support all users in having an equal opportunity to reserve and utilize the amenities.

Boreal Plunge

27642 Gaia, Ladera Ranch, CA

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Stucco repair is currently underway for the trellises at Boreal Plunge.

This inclusive playground is great for ages 5 to 12 years old. It features a net rope and a transfer platform with a slip-resistant path of travel—an ideal playground to introduce younger children to play equipment. The p...

Canterra Plunge

41 Sklar Street, Ladera Ranch, CA

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The playground is a climber's paradise and has a colorful modern design to it. It offers familiar components such as swings, balance beams, a 10-foot slide, a climbing net, a moderate rock wall, and an open design.

*Canterra plunge will be closed for 24 hours starting June 2oth for repairs.*

Celestial Plunge

29145 Ethereal Street, Ladera Ranch, CA

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This playground is OUT OF THIS WORLD! You can take off in this rocket ship if you can make it to the top. This playground is an intermediate to advanced climber structure. But don’t worry, all playgrounds have been audited and tested for impact attenuation and all passed with flying colors.

Cherry Plunge

131 Sellas Road South, Ladera Ranch, CA

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This playground is a 25-foot-tall tower of magnificence. Accompanied by a “floor is lava” feature, climbing to the top of this tower is loads of fun. No Sand!

Creighton Plunge

2 Creighton Place, Ladera Ranch, CA

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This playground features a scavenger hunt to engage your little one in all the fun activities this structure has to offer. A nature themed structure will have little ones begging to go outside!

Township Plunge

28532 Second Street, Ladera Ranch, CA

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Reach new heights at Township Park! Climb up to 10 feet tall with a new modern tower and slide! Complete with multiple climbing apparatuses, this unit is sure to entertain and entice kids ages 5-12.