Founders Park

Amenity Features

  • 12 acre sports and multipurpose field
  • Picnic areas
  • Shade structure with picnic tables
  • BBQ
  • Gazebo
  • Sand volleyball courts
  • Restrooms (access card required)

Amenity Description

Founders Park is the largest park in Ladera Ranch with twelve acres of room for kids to run around. This park has lots of amenities including playground equipment, four (4) picnic areas, overhang with four (4) tables and four (4) BBQs, a gazebo with two (2) picnic tables, and two (2) sand volleyball courts. This park is located at 28275 Avendale Boulevard across from the LARMAC offices at Avendale Village Clubhouse. Reservations are allowed in this park and there are restrooms available.