Community Gardens

Terramor Garden

working hours

Daily 6:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Terramor Garden is one of two community gardens in Ladera Ranch and is located off Lullaby in the Terramor Village. It has 16 garden plots and 4 raised planter beds.

Amenity Description

Currently there is a waiting list for the Terramor Garden.

Community garden plots and raised planter beds are available to Ladera Ranch residents for a small annual fee. For more information, please contact LARMAC at

  • 16 Garden Plots 
  • 4 Raised Planter Beds


Community Garden User Agreement

I have read a copy of the Oak Knoll and Terramor Community Garden Rules and Regulations and i understand them, and I agree that if I do not follow any of the guidelines, or if I provide inaccurate or incomplete information on my application, LARMAC reserves the right to immediately forfeit my plot and keep the garden fee.