Summer Concert Series

Ladera residents overwhelmingly chose Ladera's own Led Hot Fighter Pilots, comprised of Ladera residents, to kick off the 2024 Summer Concert Series. The next runner-up was a distant second. 

LARCS Event Manager Joanne Kopeny said, "On behalf of the Event Planning Committee and the LARCS Board of Directors, we are thrilled to announce the Summer Concert Kick-off Band survey winner. The Led Hots wanted it and promoted the survey to all Ladera fans and neighbors. We look forward to The Led Hot Fighter Pilots taking the stage on Friday, July 12, at Town Green. They will deliver an electrifying performance that promises to set the tone for an unforgettable summer of music and community spirit."

The official summer concert lineup will be announced in the upcoming summer issue of Roots and Wings magazine. Bring a blanket and lawn chairs, pick up dinner and treats from local restaurants, and enjoy an evening of music in the park.