Interested in Being a Neighborhood Representative?

Of the 126 neighborhoods in Ladera Ranch, 80 have an elected/assigned Neighborhood Representative (NR).  We have 41 neighborhoods that are unrepresented: Amarante II/Bellataire II, Amberly Lane 2, Astoria 1, Bellataire 2, Belmont Hill 1, Canopy Lane 1, Capistrano, Chesapeake 2, Chimney Corners 1, Chimney Corners 2, Christopher Homes, Claiborne, Claiborne 2, Covenant Hills Tract 15988, Evergreen, Front Street, Hampton Road 1, Lexington 1, Meriden 2, Reston 1, Reston 3, San Donato, Sarasota 2, Segovia, Shady Lane, Skye Isle 1 & 3, Sterling Glen 1, Surrey Farms 1, Tamarind, Tamarind 2, Tattershall 2, Tether Moon 1, Tether Moon 2, Trail Ridge 2, Walden Park 2, Westcott 2, Whispering Creek 2, Willow Bend 1, Willow Bend 2 and Willow Bend 3.

The following neighborhoods have Neighborhood Representatives who have terms that will soon be expiring: Alisal 3, Amarante 2, Covenant Hills-Tract 16586, Fairfield 2, Tattershall, The Gables 1, Whispering Creek 1 and Wyeth 2.

If you live in one of the above neighborhoods, be on the lookout for a letter seeking Neighborhood Representatives for your neighborhood.

To learn more about the role of a Neighborhood Representative, please click here.      

Go to your LaderaLife Profile and apply today! Please feel free to contact Jennifer Taylor at or (949) 218-3448 with questions, or to learn how you, as a Ladera Ranch homeowner, can assist your community.