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Annual Maintenance at Terramor Aquatic Park (the Water Park)

As part of the annual maintenance of Ladera's, Terror Aquatic Park, also known as Red Bucket Park, LARMAC has been painting the play structure, hand railings, water features and of course the big red bucket.

Michael Healy, Director of Operations gives a project update from Ladera's Water Park

Each year LARMAC maintains Ladera's Terramor Aquatic Park which involves sandblasting, removal of corrosion and debris, priming and painting. 

Micheal Healy, LARMAC Director of Operations notes that the work at the water park is unique this year. The heating units, water filtration system and pumps are original equipment, are approximately 20 years old and need to be replaced. Funds for this project come from the Association's reserve account, a savings account that puts aside funds for projects like this.

Although the season for the water park doesn't typically start until Memorial Day, the water park, pools and other amenities will remain closed until further notice. 

The LARMAC Board will be discussing plans for a phased opening of amenities at the May 13 Open Session Board meeting. In the meantime, LARMAC continues its work maintaining all facilities including pools, clubhouses, playgrounds so that they are ready to be opened when they are able to be reopened.