Your HOA at Work

Recycled Materials Used for Trash Receptacles and Benches

Ladera has over 500 trash receptacles throughout the community and it’s a priority to maintain them to keep them looking good. Trash receptacles that are currently located at Avendale Clubhouse (10), Covenant Hills Clubhouse (9), Linear Park (6) and Terramor Aquatic Park, aka ‘Red Bucket Park’ (6) are constructed out of metal, are rusting and need to be replaced. Mike Healey, Capital and Reserve Project Manager, LARMAC said that the disintegrating metal bottoms are starting to stain the concrete sideways.

The LARMAC Board will replace 31 trash receptacles made out of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic and stainless steel hardware to eliminate much of the maintenance which includes sanding, grinding, painting and rust removal. The new design will accept both trash and recycling in one receptacle.

New Benches

LARMAC identified 23 benches that needed to be replaced at five locations, which were made from wood and non-stainless steel materials. The benches will be replaced with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic and stainless steel hardware that will reduce maintenance due to painting and rust repair.

Additionally the new maintenance-free benches are under warranty for 30 years.

Here are where the new benches will be installed:

  • Founder’s Park (2)
  • Avendale Tennis Courts (2)
  • General Common Area near Bluff Top Park (10)
  • Wagsdale Park (8)
  • Flintridge Tennis Court (1)

The LARMAC Maintenance Department currently assigns one maintenance technician one day per week to prep and paint benches. By using low maintenance materials, we can focus maintenance resources on other areas of Ladera Ranch.


Photo (above): Prototype bench made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) that the LARMAC Board approved.