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Cox Modem Issue

Recently, LARMAC was made aware of an issue relating to Cox Communications charging Ladera Ranch residents for modems that those residents had received as part of a promotion in 2018.

In September 2018 Cox sent an email to some Ladera Ranch residents offering a modem upgrade at no cost. Since that time Cox had not charged a purchase or lease fee to residents for those modems that were part of the email promotion. Cox recently notified LARAMAC that they had mistakenly provided new modems to some residents and that they had started charging residents for the modems. Some residents report that they were charged for the modem.

Quick Facts pertaining to the modem charge:

Why did some residents receive a recent charge of $11 on their bill?

  • Some Ladera Ranch residents received an email from Cox with a promotion for a free cable modem, a promotion for Ladera Ranch residents (September 2018)
  • Cox discovered that the promotion was not valid and that they had mistakenly provided new modems to some residents approximately one year ago
  • This mistake was recently identified by Cox, who is now correcting their error by placing a lease fee on these accounts
  • Residents are not required to continue to lease the modem – they have options, which are outlined below

Options for obtaining modems:

  • Lease modem through Cox for approximately $11/month (includes tech support from Cox)
  • Purchase modem from Cox
  • Purchase from any 3rd party retailer (Amazon, Best Buy, etc.)

For residents who purchase a modem from a 3rd party retailer, they will want to ensure that they purchase a compatible DOCSIS 3 modem to ensure the maximum upload/download speeds that comes with their Cox Internet Ultimate level of Internet service.

Here’s a link found on Cox’s website to help with this:

How do I contact Cox?
The phone number for the Cox Bulk Internet Customer Service is (855) 512-8876

What’s Contained in the Ladera Ranch Bulk Agreement?

LARMAC has contracted with Cox to provide Cox Internet service to Ladera Ranch residents, excluding the hardware (e.g. modem).

  • The current per home cost is $24.99/mo. for the Internet Ultimate (300 Mbps download/30 Mbps upload)
  • This $24.99/mo. charge is paid through the master association homeowner assessment
  • The bulk Internet agreement between LARMAC and Cox has never included the modem. Residents have always been required to purchase or lease a modem.

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