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Ladera Spaces: The Spaces and Places that Inspire Creativity

Spring is a time of newness, growth, and creativity. This issue looks at the spaces and places where residents draw inspiration and motivation. This theme spotlights creativity and how our spaces shape who we are.

Spring is a time of newness, growth, and creativity. This issue looks at the spaces and places where residents draw inspiration and motivation. This theme spotlights creativity and how our spaces shape who we are.

I started running to stay in shape and reduce stress. I competed in several Spartan races, ran local 5/10K and 25K trail races and half marathons. This year I plan to run a 50K or Ultra Trail Marathon. Running is my time to unwind, unplug and reflect. And, I love the diversity of our trails in Ladera – from the beach to the mountain views, lush and dirt areas, challenging hills and gentler ones, we have it all.

As a professional artist, I love it all. I enjoy painting with oil, watercolor, gouache and acrylics. And, I love creating jewelry, collage, pastels and more recently working with resin. I have turned our garage into a studio. It’s a place for me to get into my creative zone. Music is a must. I get the inspiration to work by simply entering the studio and being surrounded by blank canvases – and all of the colors waiting to be used

I recently started homeschooling my children Billy, Neve and Kyla and converted an entire room to a classroom. We love that everyone has
their own space to work, and plenty of storage for the many books and school supplies we need. It’s a calm space and gives us a quiet place to be together, plenty of light, and easy access to our school supplies. It truly inspires learning.”

At the age of six, I put on concerts with my brother's drums, my electric keyboard and microphone. Four years ago, my family converted our playroom into a studio to set up my music and lighting equipment. Friends come over; we turn up the music and dance. My dad and I spin beats together in my studio. Together, that experience has evolved my passion for music and lighting. I’ve become a DJ. I now have a business, Droppin' Beats Entertainment.

My favorite spot for inspiration is the office upstairs in a narrow landing that I had a difficult time imagining what to do with. Thanks to Claudia Meixner a Ladera interior designer, the area was transformed into a home office with a large custom built-in that is beautiful and functional. This space inspires me to stay organized and has an extra desk that allows my kids to be near me working on their own projects while we are together. It gives me more time with my family and kids and do the things I love.

I’ve been a designer for Fox Racing for twenty years. My office space at Fox is the coolest office I’ve ever worked in. It’s a huge warehouse shell with a small "creative” city built inside of it with a main street running down the center of the building. The space has open work spaces and a motocross track in the back that we can ride motocross whenever we want. By far, the best part about Fox is all the cool people that have become friends. Todd founded Ladera-based, Webig (, a Moto clothing company located on Corporate Drive. He pays homage to vintage motocross, and beer. "I design clothing with an edge of twisted, funny humor that mostly speaks to bikers and moto kids", said Todd.

An avid mountain biker, Rich loves that biking can be tailored to whatever you want – from quiet night rides to competitive and technical riding, Rich loves that Cleveland National Forest is a short 10 minutes away and that long fire roads, technical climbs, challenging downhill, and even several hard pack trails are close by. Rich oversees the Ladera MTB team with 26 middle school age riders and 10 parent coaches as part of the regional SoCal Cycling League.

I started gardening back in Holland in my family's garden. I brought my love of gardening to Ladera's community garden. The gardeners share seedlings, vegetables and often meet to have potluck lunches together. I've been called "the godmother of the garden” because I love helping new gardeners discover the joy of gardening!

Growing organic vegetables is a great learning experience and very therapeutic. It helps to be more physically active and learn to eat healthier. I love seeing the plants grow from the seeds and to harvest the fresh produce, feed my family and share with friends. We clean up and turn the soil every six months. It’s a great opportunity to get the family together, care for the garden and watch the vegetables grow. ◘