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Meet new LARCS president

Meet new LARCS president: Armando Rutledge

Armando is an original homeowner moving to Ladera Ranch in 2000 where he and his wife, Lisa have raised their children. Armando is a retired Senior Traffic Engineering Analyst and is enjoying retirement which includes traveling and serving on the Ladera Ranch Community Services (LARCS) Board of Directors. Armando enjoys the Ladera lifestyle and is passionate about creating memories for the community by connecting residents through events, programs, and partnerships with local charity organizations.

Q&A with Armando

R&W: What brought you to Ladera Ranch? 
AR:     In late 1999, my wife and I were trying to decide if we should remodel our 40-year-old home in Fountain Valley, or find a newer home to raise our three young children. We read about the grand opening of Ladera Ranch in the newspaper, and in early 2000 drove down to see what was being offered. At that time, only Oak Knoll Village was under construction. After a few more visits, we decided to buy a home and see how the developer’s vision for the rest of the community was going to be realized.

R&W: How did you get involved in the community? 
AR:    After four years, the size of Ladera Ranch was rapidly growing, as were the scale of the events. I read a post on that volunteers were needed at one of the events. I decided to help out. My wife and I volunteered to work at various events over several years, and I eventually joined two committees. In 2016, I officially became a member of the LARCS Board of Directors.

R&W: What is your favorite Ladera event?
AR:    Summer concerts are a great way to spend a summer afternoon. However, since I have been working behind the scenes for many years, I’ve come to appreciate the logistics of planning and executing the July 4th Celebration. There are hundreds of details that have to come together for a single day of activities. Our LARCS staff does an amazing job of coordinating with our vendors, partners, support staff, and volunteers to put on a fantastic event.

R&W: How has volunteering enriched your life?
AR:    Becoming involved in the community has been rewarding for our family. Our children had the opportunity to volunteer with me at various events. All three of them continued to participate in philanthropic activities in college. We have also developed many friendships with likeminded neighbors whom we would not have met without volunteering. 

Two Truths and a Lie: 
1. Armando was a scratch golfer in college 
2. Armando asked his wife Lisa to marry him only four months after their first date
3. He has been to Las Vegas only one time in his life

A: Armando did not play golf in college.

A: Armando did not play golf in college.