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Fire Safety and Prevention

Man with safety vest writes on clipboard near a Fire Watch vehicle

Many choose to live in Ladera Ranch for its beautiful topography and surrounding open space. With this privilege comes a level of responsibility to keep our community safe, as fall brings increased risk of wildfires, especially in the midst of drought and record-breaking heat.

Over the years, California has experienced more severe wildfires and a longer wildfire season, resulting in the loss of lives, homes, businesses, natural habitat and more.

According to a 2020 PBS report, 95% of wildfires in California are caused by human activity. While these statistics barely scratch the surface of the state’s history with devastating fire events, we all can play a role in limiting our impacts and reducing the kinds of behaviors that are likely to spark a fire.

Here are a few tips on how you can take action this fire season:

See something, Say something.

Dial 877-4rRanch (877-477-2624) to report those who are engaging in activities that could spark a fire in any of our natural open spaces. Citations are being issued for those violating posted rules and restrictions.

Create and maintain defensible space by clearing dry brush and vegetation from around your home.

Volunteer for the Orange County Fire Watch Network. Visit