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Quick Tips to Improve Your Home Internet Experience

Cox Communications shares tips on how to improve your home internet experience.

Here are a few simple ways you can enhance your home internet performance, especially during peak times:

Cut the Cameras
Only use video conferencing for those must-see moments. If video conferencing is the preferred way to meet for your job, try service-saving hacks like only turning on your camera when speaking and lowering your video resolution, or using audio-only.

Keep it on the Low 
Do you have a doorbell camera or other security cameras around your home? Consider lowering the resolution while you’re home. You can adjust settings and reduce the resolution yet still effectively monitor the areas.

Get a 360 View 
View and manage devices on your home Internet from the Panoramic Wi-Fi app. You can turn the kids’ iPads off when they’ve reached screen time limits or pause their Wi-Fi when you’re on an important video call.  Find it in your favorite app store.

Mind Your Network Health 
Computer viruses and malware can slow down your home Internet. Panoramic Wi-Fi customers can also turn on Advanced Security in the Panoramic Wi-Fi app.

Network Safety First
Double check that your home Internet network is password protected and no one else but your family is using it.

Microwaves Matter
Did you know your Internet experience could be slowed down if your Wi-Fi router is near a microwave, a fish tank or mirror? 

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Be sure to advise the representative that you live in Ladera Ranch, which has a bulk discounted rate, and is included as part of your homeowners assessments fee.

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