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LARMAC Delivers Gigablast Speed to Ladera Residents

Ladera Ranch – Your internet service is about to be turbocharged to Gigablast.

Great news! Ladera Ranch Maintenance Corporation (LARMAC) in partnership with COX will soon be upgrading Ladera Ranch residents to Gigablast internet speed. Since high speed internet service is included in your monthly master homeowner assessment, there’s no additional charge for this GIG increase and no service interruption is expected for those who have a current modem/equipment.

Equipment check: You need a current modem to get the speed
To take advantage of this free upgrade, you must make sure you have the right internet equipment. You’ll need a COX compatible DOCIS 3.1 modem or higher. If you lease your modem from COX, simply contact COX to swap out your modem to a newer one that’s compatible. If you own your modem and do not wish to lease your modem from COX, you can find what you need by visiting COX Certified Cable Modems ( modems.html). If your modem isn’t listed or is 4 years or older, it’s time to upgrade.

Modem/equipment: Lease versus buy
If you decide to lease the equipment from COX for $12 per month, you’ll receive an all-in-one Panoramic Wifi Gateway modem and router that delivers fast, secure internet coverage across your home. Plus, your WiFi will stay up to speed with free equipment upgrades every three years.

If you choose to purchase your own equipment, a DOCSIS 3.0 8x4 or higher modem is required (Gigablast service requires DOCSIS 3.1+). Choosing this option may limit the support and troubleshooting COX can provide for 3rd party devices.

No service interruption expected
Over the past 12 months COX has diligently upgraded its distribution and delivery infrastructure in Ladera Ranch, which includes upgrading the nodes that deliver its signal to homes. Since this equipment has been updated, COX does not expect to see any service interruptions as it rolls out the new Gigablast service to Ladera residents. With the exception of residents who must upgrade older modems/equipment to be compatible with the new service, residents with a DOCSIS 3.1 or higher modem will simply experience faster upload and download speeds once the service is deployed.

On behalf of the LARMAC Board of Directors and COX, we hope you enjoy the new, faster Gigablast internet service.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much faster will my internet connection be?

A: Currently, through your LARMAC membership, the level of service you receive is 500 Mbps (download speed) X 10 Mbps (upload speed). With this change, your internet speed will increase to 940 Mbps (down) X 35 Mbps (upload). Note: There are residents who had opted for the legacy 300 Mbps (download speed) X 30 Mbps (upload speed); these residents will also automatically receive the new Gigablast level of service.

Gigablast service: According to COX, Gigablast is ideal for virtually unlimited devices and seamless 8K streaming, multiplayer gaming, working from home, virtual learning, ultra-connected homes. Compared to the current service, the 500 Mbps X 10 Mbps service was ideal for up to 9 devices and moderate 4K streaming and multiplayer gaming.

Q: When will the new Gigablast service be available?

A: COX will roll out the new Gigablast service in phases. Not all of Ladera will see the speed change at the same time since the rollout will be completed in phases and is expected to begin in December (although Cox let LARMAC know that they have already started switching on residents to the new service). Once the rollout has been completed, with the right equipment, the Gigablast service will simply be available.

Q: What happens if I am currently paying for Gigablast internet service?

A: If you are currently paying COX for Gigablast service, you will no longer be charged for the service.

Q: How may I check my current speed?

A: You may test your download and upload speeds by visiting

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