July 4th Community Parade

This year's July 4th Celebration Parade is sure to be a memorable one. The parade will begin at 10:30 a.m. at the corner of Sienna Pkwy and Daisy Street. The route will continue down Sienna Pkwy, to Sellas Road North, to Avendale Blvd, and conclude at the Avendale Clubhouse. The route is approximately one mile.

Want to participate in the Parade?
  • We are looking for community groups, families, friends, businesses and neighborhoods to walk in the parade.
  • Participants are encouraged to have fun being creative and using props, incorporating music, and if you would like, you may toss candy or toys to spectators along the route.
  • Prizes awarded to the 1st - 3rd place winners in the Most Patriotic Decorating Category. Judging will take place along the parade route so the judges can see you in action.  Only those who register in advance are eligible for the the Contest.  
  • Register in advance to be eligible for judging and prizes or check in the morning of the parade to participate for fun! 

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Event Guidelines

Parade Guidelines:

  1. This is a non-motorized parade. This includes but is not limited to E-bikes, cars, trucks, GEM/EV, and motorcycles. The only authorized motorized vehicles are Emergency Vehicles.
  2. People/groups advocating, opposing or depicting any political or social issues are not allowed on the parade route. Parade entries are not permitted to display political signage, banners, or distribute political-oriented handouts or giveaways.
  3.  If handing out items along the parade route, please make sure to toss and do not throw at spectators.  Items to be handed out can not be sharp or hard.
  4.  If you see trash along the parade route please be sure to pick it up and deposit it in a trash receptacle.
  5.  Dogs are allowed in the parade if they are leashed and you clean up after your dog along the parade route. 
  6. In an effort to have a musical parade, the Parade Committee strongly suggest that parade participants incorporate some form of music, whether it is in the form of musical instruments (from kazoos, to percussion, to brass), boom boxes, or any other imaginative use of music.