eBikes: Safety, Guidelines and Resources

E-bikes are more popular than ever and allow people of all ages and abilities to access all areas within Ladera Ranch with relative ease. If you or your child rides an e-bike, or if you are considering riding an e-bike in Ladera Ranch, please take the time to review the information below to understand what is/isn't allowed, safety recommendations, and additional resources.

Things to be aware of as you or your child rides an e-bike in Ladera Ranch:

  • Safety Training - Sign you or your child up for a training class to learn the "rules of the road" before riding your e-bike.  
  • Wear a Helmet - Wearing a helmet while biking is smart, and it's required if you're under 18. 
  • County Laws - Educate yourself and your child – most sidewalks and streets are under county jurisdiction and patrolled by the California Highway Patrol. 
  • LARMAC Fields, Parks, and Facilities - E-bikes are prohibited from use within landscaped and/or vegetative areas and LARMAC facilities, including but not limited to: sports fields (including those consisting of artificial turf), parks, greenbelts, roundabouts, clubhouses, pool decks, sports courts, and the skate park.   
    Note - Damage to LARMAC property has occurred from eBikes/motorized vehicles driving on grass areas, slopes, and sports fields, which leads to repair costs that all homeowners pay for through HOA assessments.
  • Trails - E-bikes are prohibited on the County Regional Trail ("West Ridge Trail," which overlooks the Arroyo Trabuco Golf Course) and the East Loop (east of Antonio) of the Ladera Ranch Trail. When riding an e-bike on a permitted trail or pathway, please ride cautiously and give the right of way to walkers, hikers, and joggers.  

Commit to Being Cycling Savvy

Visit CyclingSavvy to view online and in-person courses 

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eBike Safe Ride Guide

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Article (Los Angeles Times): A Pacific Palisades girl died in an electric bike crash. Her parents see greater danger 

Ebike Types

  • Type 1: Pedal-assisted e-bike only, no throttle. Power maxes out at 20 mph. 
  • Type 2: Throttle and pedal-assisted e-bike. Power maxes out at 20 mph.
  • Type 3: Pedal-assisted (no throttle) e-bike. Power maxes out at 28 mph. (must be 16 years or older)
    *Note - any e-bike that can go over 28 mph is not street legal. Stay off roads, sidewalks and multi-use trails.