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Oso Grand Playground Replacement Project

Chase Fitzpatrick, President, LARMAC Board of Directors gives residents an update on the latest phase of the Playground Replacement project in Ladera Ranch.

As part of the continuing project to update Ladera Ranch playground structures, Ladera Ranch Maintenance Corporation (LARMAC) has completed Oso Grande park, the second playground in the latest phase of the project. Founders Park was completed earlier this year. 

Themes and Design
Each playground will feature play equipment that has a unique design and theme appropriate for the location within the community.

Arroyo Park
Located next to the Horno Basin, the play structure will have a pirate ship theme. This playground will have additional play features that are laid out in a way that encourages 'floor is lava' style of play. 


Founders Park
This bee and nature-themed inclusive playground is designed for all levels of play and mobilityIt has ramps with vibrant colors, textures, and interactive features. Signage includes fun facts about bees and activities encourage pretending to be a bee and pollinate different features throughout the playground.

Oso Grande Park
Adventure seekers love the structure that has an integrated tower with a tall slide and a child-friendly rope Ninja Warrior-like obstacle course that promotes physical fitness in a fun way.

The design currently shows Tri Runner feature (pole swing with three seats under shade structure); the final design will have a four-swing bay with two standard swings and two ‘Mommy and Me’ style swings which will all have built-in shade.


Boreal Plunge
This inclusive playground features a net rope and a transfer platform with a slip-resistant path of travel. An ideal playground to introduce younger children to play equipment. The playground has additional play features that are laid out in a way that encourages 'floor is lava' style of play. The playground will be shaded from the sun by the existing shade structure; additional shade will be added to cover the swings.  

Canterra Plunge
This play equipment will be approximately 14' tall and have a colorful modern design to it. It will offer familiar components such as swings, balance beams, slides while offering a net rope, climbing walls and an open design that challenges kids to play and use their imagination in more ways than a standard ‘post and platform’ designs offer.

Celestial Plunge
This playground will feature a modern rocket ship design that has a ‘floor is lava" design element. Children can use their imagination to move around using multiple pathways throughout the entire playground without touching the floor. Additionally there are STEM-based play features at ground level, a 16’ Helix tower and rubber features with star-shaped accents to compliment the "Celestial" theme.

Cherry Plunge
This smaller location has a tower design to increase the play area. It will include a unique slide which will be different from existing slides throughout Ladera Ranch.

Flintridge Village Clubhouse
Located just outside of the pool area at Flintridge Village Clubhouse, this playground will include a nature and butterfly design with signage about butterflies and interactive activities for children. Although the current design shows a tire swing, this will be swapped out with "Mommy and Me" single swing set.

A stained glass feature with different colored plastic panels that cast colors throughout the playground which move throughout the day. 

Kids Around the World Partnership
To recycle, reuse and support a good cause, LARMAC has partnered with Kids Around the World (KATW) to refurbish seven of the eight existing plays structures. The donated equipment will be removed by KATW at their expense which will save the community $70,000 on the demolition and disposal of the existing play structures. Founders Park is the only playground they cannot re-use because of the design of the posts.

Kids Around The World refurbishes and installs playgrounds in underserved communities. Additionally, KATW incorporates a job training program that that focuses on welding to refurbish the playground equipment which helps people to learn a skilled trade and bring income into their communities. KATW uses the playground as a focal point to support programs that serve children and the community. After a few months of the playgrounds being installed, KATW will share photos and the impact the playground is having on the community that they installed. For more information about KATW, visit