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Weather Stations Help Determine Irrigation Needs

LARMAC recently replaced two new weather stations to more accurately determine irrigation needs.

LARMAC has two new weather stations for Ladera Ranch. One is located at Mission Hills Park in Covenant Hills. The second station is located inside the Oak Knoll Community Garden. Connected by a Wi-Fi internet connection, these weather stations provide the irrigation system with accurate, locally-based weather data, rather than solely relying on weather stations that are located near Ladera Ranch.

Weather can vary greatly in surrounding areas, so having locally-based weather stations will make Ladera Ranch's system more accurate when determining irrigation needs. Placing the weather stations in the northern and southern sections of the community will provide for a balance of data since we experience varying weather patterns, even within Ladera.

Want to see the weather at each station, real time?

Click here to view live weather at Mission Hills Park in Covenant Hills.
Click here to view live weather at the community garden in Oak Knoll Village. 

Live weather is also available via the Davis WeatherLink App on the Apple Store and Google Play