Ladera Ranch Maintenance Corporation (LARMAC) is the master association responsible for caring for the common area landscape. This includes parks, pocket parks, playgrounds, greenbelts and the parkways and medians along major roadways such as Crown Valley Parkway and Antonio Parkway within Ladera Ranch. LARMAC maintains 17+ miles of hiking trails including the Sienna Botanica Trail, a 2.9-mile loop trail and the Sienna Botanica Riverine System, a greenbelt which is a sophisticated ecologically-friendly water filtration system that carries community water runoff down to Horno Water Quality Basin, which filters the water before it makes its way to the ocean.

LARMAC contracts with O’Connell Landscaping to maintain the landscape which involves implementing weekly mow schedules, routine maintenance/detail schedules, pest management (e.g. weeds) and tree trimming in Ladera Ranch. LARMAC and O’Connell maintain fuel modification zones that are 150 ft. clearings; that require the annual clearing of brush and the height reduction of ground covering plants in specified areas of Ladera’s landscape. The fuel-mod zones are specified by the Orange County Fire Authority. Finally, LARMAC maintains areas that are owned by the County of Orange, such as street medians and parkways along Crown Valley Parkway, Antonio Parkway, O’Neill and Sienna, as well as the various roundabouts.

O’Connell Landscape is contracted to maintain the common area landscape throughout the community which includes approximately 850 irrigated acres, over 48,000 trees and challenges that come with Ladera’s unique topography and plant pallet.

Special Benefit Areas (SBA) & Sub Associations

Many Ladera Ranch neighborhoods fall within what is known as a Special Benefit Area (SBA). These areas are identified within LARMAC’s governing documents and help to identify maintenance responsibilities between LARMAC and the homeowners who live in these areas. These neighborhoods commonly contain parks, greenbelts, slopes, trails and in many instances contain LARMAC-maintained common areas right up to the front door of homes. Homeowners in these SBA neighborhoods pay an additional monthly assessment to LARMAC to maintain these areas.

If a home, usually a condominium or townhome, is located within one of Ladera’s 17 sub-associations, the sub-association is responsible for maintaining the property within their neighborhood, including the landscape and pools. Sub Associations, who have a Board of Directors, contract with their own landscape maintenance vendors. Contact your sub-association community manager with any questions or issues related to your condo or townhome neighborhood. When it comes to issues within your condo or townhome complex, your sub-association is your primary point of contact.

Landscape Schedules:
1) Mow Schedules: 
Mow Crew Rotational Schedule (Map): Common Areas
Front Yard and Driveway SBA Mow Schedule

2) Maintenance Schedules: 
Monthly Minatenance Schedule: Front Yard & Driveway SBA
Rotational Landscape Maintenance Map: Oak Knoll
Rotational Landscape Maintenance Map: Flintridge
Rotational Landscape Maintenance Map: Avendale
Rotational Landscape Maintenance Map: Terramor
Rotational Landscape Maintenance Map: Covenant Hills

3) Tree Trimming Schedules: 
Homeowner Street Tree Trimming Schedule (2021-2022)
Covenant Hills Slope Tree Trimming Schedule (2019-2020)

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