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Fun Facts About Ladera's Landscape

This article is part of "The Business of Running Ladera Ranch" series

When you think about it, it’s quite an undertaking to maintain our beautiful community at the standards that we’ve become accustomed to. Enjoy these fun facts about LARMAC and what it takes to operate Ladera Ranch.


  • Over 49,000 trees in Ladera Ranch (excludes those on homeowners’ private yards)
  • More trees than in the city of Mission Viejo 
  • Twice as many trees as Central Park in NYC which has a similar size footprint of landscaping
  • 76 different species of trees
  • LARMAC maintains 800 acres of landscape
  • LARMAC is responsible for maintaining 78 acres of fuel modification zones per OCFA requirements


Ladera Ranch has two different types of trails: Natural Trails, such as the ridge trail around the perimeter of the community, and Manufactured Trails such as the Yukon Riley trail (aka SCE easement trail). LARMAC maintains the natural trails annually which includes clearing brush, removing tumble weeds and grading the trail to smooth it out. The manufactured trails are composed of stabilizers and decomposed granite which help bind everything together and ultimately strengthen the trail.