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Heavy March Rainfall Shifts Maintenance Focus to Debris Cleanup

The heavy March rainfall shifts O'Connell's focus to clearing debris and general clean up. Mosaic shuts off irrigation to save water.

In March we have experienced a great deal of rainfall. has been a heavy rain. In January and February we received approximately one inch of rain, combined. With  the pleasant surprise of 3.3 inches of rain thus far as of March 18th, it brings our season total to 11.74 inches of rain with more in the forecast.

The late-season rain allowed Mosaic, LARMAC's irrigation contractor to place the irrigation system in rain shutdown mode on March 5. The system will remain off until conditions dry out, which will save significant water usage.

With the wet conditions, regular mowing is unable to commence, so O'Connell crews shift their focused on clearing debris from v-ditches and performing general cleanup.