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Ladera's Amazing Teens: Meet Sophia

Meet some of Ladera's amazing teens who are putting their skills, talents, and creativity to great use. From giving back to others, starting their own businesses or performing their music, we think you'll agree that Ladera has some terrific young people.


Sophia is an avid equestrian and started her own small business Le Cheval selling equine apparel and accessories. She makes gourmet horse treats and stylish belts for riding. She sells all her products on Etsy and Instagram and has become quite the entrepreneur! Her family is proud of her and they love watching her creations come to life. 

Check out her Instagram:@horsegurl200.    

Q: How did you get the idea of creating equine apparel, and Le Cheval? 

Sophia: LeCheval Equine Apparel was originally started about the time I got my first horse, Chloe. This past year, I realized how much I love her and the sport of horse riding. I wanted to give something to the equestrian community in an artistic way. I love color and to coordinate my riding outfits with my horse’s tack (and to have cute outfit to ride in. LeCheval was a creative outlet for that sort of fashion need. One of my favorite parts about getting ready to ride is to pick out one of the many belts to wear, that we’ve created.

Q: Describe the process of designing and producing your apparel
Sophia: LeCheval was a way for me to bring something bright and new to the equestrian community (fashion/clothing). Surprisingly, the design process was fairly simple. We started looking at inspiration from day-to-day belts for everyday wear outside of riding, some leather belts that I already owned, and some other brands that do a similar version of our belts. The purpose was to see what worked, and what didn’t. Next, we decided on the look we wanted – from fabrics, patterns, textures, and buckles.  We took those ideas and found a supplier to work with. After the belts were made, we made them available on Etsy and Instagram. We package them up and shipped them to customers.

Q: What have you learned from riding horses and competing? 
Sophia: In the 3-1/2 year span that I’ve been riding and participating in the sport, I’ve learned how to be confident, yet humble, how to work through problems and to be a problem-solver on the spot. I’ve learned to work for what I want, to grow and learn through struggling and putting in the work. These lessons have helped me in both my riding and my everyday life.

Competitions have been so impactful and fundamental to my growth. In hunters (my old discipline) to put it simply, is mainly judged on the rider’s position, effectiveness, accuracy, and the horse along with their movements which you can really take to heart and it can hit hard when you don’t place as well as you hoped. In jumpers (my current discipline) it is judged based on your time/speed and faults. Hunters has taught me how to be effective, and thick skinned while honestly just trying to make it look as easy as possible while jumpers has taught me how to be tougher and to push for what I want. I really enjoy both but my personal favorite is jumpers. 

Q: Favorite movies of all time?  
Sophia:My all times favorite movies are:

Q: Favorite Ladera Event? 
Sophia: I honestly love the fall Harvest Festival because it’s a lot of fun! you can rock climb, play carnival games, eat great food, and hang out with friends and family. Also, my street every year for Halloween (sadly not this year due to Covid) gets a taco truck and bounce house for the younger kids which is always super fun to come together as neighbors and have fun on one of my personal favorite holidays. I love all the fun events and activities including the little neighborly meets and barbecues.

Q: Favorite Ladera Event? 
Sophia: My dog’s name is Olive (she sure is round like one)! She is a Whoodle which is a Wheaten Terrier and Poodle mix. She’s such a cute, round ball of fluff who honestly just enjoys being loved. She is quite the character, she will only go on walks if the whole family comes along and would really prefer cuddles over play time. 

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