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Ladera's Amazing Teens: Meet Dylan

Meet some of Ladera's amazing teens who are putting their skills, talents, and creativity to great use. From giving back to others, starting their own businesses or performing their music, we think you'll agree that Ladera has some terrific young people.


Dylan is founder of Cooks by Dyl. He buys, sells and trades ‘hyped’ goods such as apparel, shoes and accessories.

"Cook" means to buy or acquire a highly hyped or coveted item. He has sought out different ways to acquire products that other people wanted but couldn’t figure out how to. He does this using his computer programming skills, knowing how to navigate websites, and finessing early buys. The first step was to save up capital to get started.

Then, planning his ‘buys’ is crucial—it’s all about timing. Dylan, a self-taught business owner, has helped friends get started and says he will teach anyone interested in the steps of learning how to buy and sell. “It takes persistence but eventually anyone can become successful in the resale business." Check out Dylan on Instagram @CooksbyDyl. 

Check out Dylan on Instagram:@CooksbyDyl.

Q: What type of car are you saving up for? 
Dylan: A 2021 Toyota Tacoma desert sand. 

Q: Beside making money, what's the most fun part of what you do? 
Dylan: Meeting new people and building new connections.  

Q: Your parents are super creative artists. Does creativity run in your family? 
Dylan: I would say that it does. They have helped me design logos and other projects. 

Q: What trends are you noticing with your footwear, products, etc? 
Dylan: The trading card companies such as Tops and Pokémon are booming again with collectors searching for the rarest cards. 

Q: What business person would you like to meet someday? 
Dylan: Travis Scott. He's such an inspiration in the music community and with his shoe collaborations and other things he's done, it would be a dream to meet him. He's also helped thousands of peopel with his food drives and toy drives. 

Q: What inspires your creativity, recharges you or gives you energy? 

Dylan: Making money and the adrenaline of when I attempting to acquire a pair of shoes, and then, when I finally make the buy. 

Q: Best song or artist right now? 

Dylan: Still trappin-Lil durk and King Von, mr.rager-kid cudi, vamp anthem-playboi carti.

Q: What gave you the idea for the business? 
Dylan:I wanted to start earning money to pay for a car and I have been into shoes for as long as I can remember. So, I decided, why not sell shoes! I started with $300 and got started by selling Supreme (brand) because it was the easiest. It took a lot of research to get started, but I was dedicated and now I’m here making pretty good money.

Q: Tips for teens who would like to start an online business. 
Dylan: When you first start you won't become well-know overnight but if you stick with doing what you do, you'll eventially get traction. Give it time and get after making your dreams come true.


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